After all the organization was done, Jen went through my closet and selected several outfits and styled them for me. This was such an interesting process to watch, because she puts together things that I never would have assembled. She showed me fun ways to layer my necklaces, she helped me out with a few items that I like but couldn't match, and she gave me several outfit ideas. I liked what she put together so much that I left it all hanging up, and just went through the outfits the following week. I got so many compliments! A close friend asked me if I had gone shopping, and it was so fun to explain that it was all just stuff from my own closet, paired with a professional stylist help.

- Kristen, age 40

Jen is amazing! She has the knack for style and what you are looking for. I love that she can take the simplest of outfits and transform them into something adorable. I will never shop for myself again! 

- Danielle, age 36

Thank GOD for Jen - I called begging for her help on a tight timelineto outfit me for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. She not only found the perfect dress that stepped me outside my style element in the greatest of ways - she actually SAVED me not only time but money.  Jen is my new secret style weapon - an amazing combination of incredibly talented style savvywith her cost-conscious eye!  For a busy working mama of 3 little ones - she saved the day! Not to mention I have never received more compliments on an outfit EVER!   What a dream come true!

-- Carrie, age 39

This was not my first style detox...but, it was by far the most effective and FUN! In just 2 hours - my closet and life was style simplified and in less than 24 hours - I have already sported 2 of the outfits Jen pulled from my own wardrobe.   While I bid farewell to itemsthat weighed my closet down, I am so excited to have Jen as a partner and advisor to ensure that I avoid wasting money and only spend where I need to -  to build my style!  I can hardly wait to tackle my style to do list with Jen.

-- Carrie,age 40 

"I was referred to Jen by my sister-in-law and absolutely loved working with her.  I easily scheduled a closet clean-out and styling session with her and was amazed to realize how badly I needed this re-organization.  She helped me say goodbye to clothes I haven't worn in years - reassuring me that even if the style re-emerged, it would be just different enough that the item would still not be on trend.   It was quite freeing to pass my gently worn clothing on to someone else who will enjoy them as much as I did.   She then chose several great items - many of which I would not have chosen but have received tons of compliments on - to fill in where needed.   It was such a treat to work with Jen!"

--Leslie, age 38

"As a female professional embracing a classic style, I’ve always gravitated towards high quality timeless pieces.  However, at 54, I found my closet filled with business oriented attire and severely lacking in the casual comfort and more modern style that reflects my current lifestyle.  In need of refreshing my look, I needed guidance and Jennifer has been there to show me how to embrace a more updated look, add the right pieces to accent my wardrobe and very importantly, incorporate many of my classic pieces into a more modern fashion aesthetic. Finding a fresh look appropriate for my age!  Something I was not able to identify on my own.  Kudos and Thanks, Jen!"

--Elizabeth, age, 54

"I've never really bought into the idea of having a stylist or personal shopper because I figured I had - or should make- the time to do my shopping myself... But after having Jen shop for me for an event during a particularly busy week I am sold! Not only did she have a much higher success rate in terms of finding items I wanted to add to my wardrobe- for that event and then some!- but she purchased items for me that I never would have selected myself but ultimately loved! We all need someone to push us out of our comfort zone every now and then and Jen has an eye for pieces that are flattering, versatile, and fresh... Without breaking the budget! AND she's so fun to work with! So glad I found her!!"

--Jennifer, age, 33

"Jen created outfits out of my clothes I would have NEVER thought to put together that work. Pulling items I would have considered purging and she made me love them again.  She took a skirt I actually bought for a theme party and she loved it so much she styled an outfit around it! Having a stylist on speed dial is REALLY helpful... I was in a crunch with an outfit the other day and texted Jen for advice, I needed a sweater option. The dress was a navy and cream stripe and I was wearing a bold turquoise and yellow necklace.  She pointed me in the right direction telling me jewel tones were my friend when I thought I would have had to go with a muted neutral. Jen also showed me how to mix a belt into a look.  I know this sounds basic but I have a few belts I like but never wear because I always overthink them.  Jen got me past this, and for that I am grateful."

Susie, age, 37

"I appreciate great style and personality! As a “lover of life” with three small children, an awesome husband, great friends, and a dream job, I know it’s impossible to do it all without losing my mind. Keeping my cool, having fun and being grateful are all very important values to me. And because I know in my heart that I can’t do it all, it means that I have to pick and choose… and outsource the rest. Jen has been a great find! She is stylish, flexible, reliable and trustworthy.  My first experience with her resulted in purging 5 large bags of clothes from my closet and some pretty funny one-liners. “Women should not have khaki hanging in their closets”  In other words, she makes you feel comfortable and tells it to you straight. My second experience was getting styled for an executive photo shoot. She pulled together “the look” -- timeless black work-friendly dress with an edge, funky shoes and accessories – all for a great price, I should add.  I believe that we all have a personal brand…. And I’m so grateful that Jen helps me curate mine!"

Mercedes, age 38

Working with Jen was a dream!! When she shopped for me she was able to completely encapsulate my vision and then some. I've never had more compliments on my outfit! I love her flare and how she was able to put together so many great outfits with the existing clothes and jewelry in my closet. Jen was quick and efficient while overhauling my closet and made me so comfortable in the process! Thank you Jen!

Amy, age 40