Short Stop

Well hello there friends! It's been quite some time and I've missed you guys! And one of my summer bucket list items is to try and write more...even if it's a smidge of an entry, it's better then nothing. I really enjoy it and from what I've heard, some of you enjoy these, we'll see how committed I stay but I'm feeling optimistic for a Tuesday!

So, thought I'd kick off summer with one of my fave topics...for the love, but really hate in my mind, of shorts! It's hot as heck right now and the short conundrum is something I struggle with..a lot. What to wear?! And I've found through working with all different types of ladies, that I'm not alone in this struggle. I'm just not a shorts person. I love them on others but as I was saying to a friend the other day, I just don't feel comfortable rollin' in denim cutoffs and it's gosh darn too hot for jeans. So, what do us short stoppers do...well, these are a few of my solutions for, style conscious and most importantly, comfy! 

Wide leg bells (Novella Royale are my fave), cute patterns, light fabric, stretchy - what more do we need?!; Crochet anything...instant day to night piece; Sun dress is the constant summer staple-an easy outfit all in one! Really, there are a million options out there so don't lose hope if you want to stay cool and feel confident..there's plenty of answers...and as always, if you need, I'm always here to help guide you!



(Click on pics to link) 

These (above and below) I feel look best with a basic tank and a pair of sandals. 

These (above and below) perfect for beach, day to night...

Crochet anything; great neutral, beach day or dinner out friendly.