"Girl-time" game wear is STRONG

So, I'm heading out for a girls' weekend very soon and I just can't wait. There's nothing like that QT with my gals..laughing, joking, venting, drinking, sleeping, shopping..just all good things. We need it to keep that oh so ever sought after balance in these crazy lives we lead.

As I've grown older and I pack up the ol' duffle, I find myself focusing on all outfits but really, my pj's have become increasingly important. In the past, it would be more about the outfits for out at night and ..trust me..that still matters but there is just as strong an emphasis on what I will be sleeping in/lounging in. Last year, when I ventured on this trip a couple girls had some strong lounge wear game..which made me realize two things 1. no wonder we're friends and 2. there are a lot of cute PJ/lounge options out there! Read on to see what a few of my faves are (click on pics directly to site)...

The ultimate in comfort is Maison Du Soir. It's truly amazing. I purchased mine at discount but I'd be tempted to buy full price at this comfort and cuteness level. They're sophisticated and classic but the shorts give it a bit of sex appeal - and also keeps you cool during these upcoming hot nights. There are a lot of options to choose from but these are a couple that caught my eye. The first one is their classic look which I LOVE and the second is just as cute and...on SALE. 

Eberjay is another amazing brand and is a bit better price point then Maison. Cute, comfy and each piece has a bit of sweet/sexy detail that is appropriate for girls' weekends or a weekend at home.

So, when you wake up and don't feel too much after effect from the wine, cocktails and late night snacks and shenanigans, a good walk is a great idea! And we all love some cute workout wear. I know Lululemon is everywhere and can feel a bit saturated but I just got these pants below from my hubs for Mother's Day and I LOVE them. Seriously, what designers are doing these days with workout pants is amazing. They're cute and fresh but at the same time gives you a little edge/sex appeal. See what I'm vibe-ing below.

The next topic is endless. Truly. What to wear out with your gals. It can range from literally what you've been wearing all day (depends on the cocktail count come 5:00) or it can be something fun and flirty (just for your gals of course! ;)). Since the list can go on, I thought I'd just tag some of the recent items I've either purchased or have on my "wish list" for coming attractions.

That's what I've got for now...so enjoy your time with your gals whether a weekend away or a quick lunch on a Monday - just make it fun and make it count! See you soon! xo