Short Stop

Well hello there friends! It's been quite some time and I've missed you guys! And one of my summer bucket list items is to try and write more...even if it's a smidge of an entry, it's better then nothing. I really enjoy it and from what I've heard, some of you enjoy these, we'll see how committed I stay but I'm feeling optimistic for a Tuesday!

So, thought I'd kick off summer with one of my fave topics...for the love, but really hate in my mind, of shorts! It's hot as heck right now and the short conundrum is something I struggle with..a lot. What to wear?! And I've found through working with all different types of ladies, that I'm not alone in this struggle. I'm just not a shorts person. I love them on others but as I was saying to a friend the other day, I just don't feel comfortable rollin' in denim cutoffs and it's gosh darn too hot for jeans. So, what do us short stoppers do...well, these are a few of my solutions for, style conscious and most importantly, comfy! 

Wide leg bells (Novella Royale are my fave), cute patterns, light fabric, stretchy - what more do we need?!; Crochet anything...instant day to night piece; Sun dress is the constant summer staple-an easy outfit all in one! Really, there are a million options out there so don't lose hope if you want to stay cool and feel confident..there's plenty of answers...and as always, if you need, I'm always here to help guide you!



(Click on pics to link) 

These (above and below) I feel look best with a basic tank and a pair of sandals. 

These (above and below) perfect for beach, day to night...

Crochet anything; great neutral, beach day or dinner out friendly.



You do you...

I’m back! It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to actually sit down and write…summer was just nuts and then getting ‘up and running’ at school was a whole other job that I feel I may…or may not…have somewhat down. At least it’s mid week and all kids are where they’re supposed to be. So, I find myself here, happily writing at my computer, listening to Fleetwood Mac Pandora with a cup of coffee and the sheer silence of no kids in the house…yes, bittersweet…but more sweet today then bitter.

So! To pick back up on my blog, I wasn’t sure what to write about…yes, there is the obvious…2016 Fall trends! I started to go down that road but just thought it felt so predictable. So, I started poking around online to see what I could find amongst other bloggers…some sort of inspiration. Low and behold, I found it. However, it threw me off. The title was “24 things Women Should Stop Wearing After the Age of 30”. Well, this got me. Seeing as how I recently turned 41 (!), I had to see what this gal was suggesting we “shouldn’t be caught dead wearing after 30”.

So, I read…Wait. What?! Not only were these items some of my staples but things I feel like women easily into their 40’s and on could and should wear…proudly.

I assume, and as I’ve always said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all must figure out what feels best for us. There is no easy response as to “what is best at my age?” There’s never a fail safe’s just where you are with yourself and what is going to make you feel the very best about yourself. We all feel confidence in different ways and in different things. So, I thought I’d pick just a few and discuss further..these are some trends that I feel run the test of time (and age), however, my fellow fashion blogger would disagree. You be the judge.

Some of these have links, others do not. (And as an extra, I DO think these are all amazing trends for Fall and Winter seasons.)

Leopard print:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, leopard is a neutral. It looks good with everything. That being said, it needs to be done in a classy mien. Contrary to this blog, I think leopard is something ladies well into their golden years can wear and instantly adds an extra oomph of class and edge. Whether it be a skirt, scarf, slides, belt, or jacket, it’s amazingly classy…just not all at once!

Sparkly pants:

These are an amazing staple to have come holiday time, birthday time, girls night out time, any time, just own it and rock it. As long as you keep it classy/conservative up top, I think sparkly pants are great at any age. Instant GOOD times.

Oversized sunglasses:

Umm..hi Jackie O. She wore those shades until the end. They are everything. I don’t need to say much more. If Jackie wore them, you sure as heck can.

Old sneakers:

First of all I love my converse and vans. Are they torn, full of holes and gross? No. But are they worn in, showing a little love? Yes. And a pair of sneaks I have loved for some time, Golden Goose, pride themselves on looking worn. Customers can spend over $500 on these shoes and they buy them “worn” looking. So, of course, there are limits here, but I think most look better after a little wear and tear.

Hoop Earrings

This one really threw me. She states that ‘only girls in high school should wear hoops’. Hmm. I love a pair of dainty gold hoops with ANYthing. I think they add an immediate hint of tasteful, flirty fun. Not to mention, they’re just kinda a kick to wear. Swingin’ all around..I love.

Graphic Tees:

Well, this is a problem. Seeing as how half of my weekly wardrobe is made up of these as I shuttle crazy kids all over town. I LOVE these. Are they obnoxious or crass? Of course not. But they are a way to express yourself in a fun and stylish way. My personal fave are Chaser brand and Good Hyouman. Chaser are fun and flirty but with a sophistication and good fit while Good Hyouman tees send a heartfelt and meaningful message. 

So, those were just a few…Again, these are all up to opinion..and to each his own. But my main objective with JAAT is to remind you amazing mothers, wives, friends, sisters, style seekers that you put on what YOU like. No one should make the rules on what to wear and what not to wear…at any age. You do you…and if you just really can’t do you, then call me. I’ll help ‘you do you’ ;)



"Girl-time" game wear is STRONG

So, I'm heading out for a girls' weekend very soon and I just can't wait. There's nothing like that QT with my gals..laughing, joking, venting, drinking, sleeping, shopping..just all good things. We need it to keep that oh so ever sought after balance in these crazy lives we lead.

As I've grown older and I pack up the ol' duffle, I find myself focusing on all outfits but really, my pj's have become increasingly important. In the past, it would be more about the outfits for out at night and me..that still matters but there is just as strong an emphasis on what I will be sleeping in/lounging in. Last year, when I ventured on this trip a couple girls had some strong lounge wear game..which made me realize two things 1. no wonder we're friends and 2. there are a lot of cute PJ/lounge options out there! Read on to see what a few of my faves are (click on pics directly to site)...

The ultimate in comfort is Maison Du Soir. It's truly amazing. I purchased mine at discount but I'd be tempted to buy full price at this comfort and cuteness level. They're sophisticated and classic but the shorts give it a bit of sex appeal - and also keeps you cool during these upcoming hot nights. There are a lot of options to choose from but these are a couple that caught my eye. The first one is their classic look which I LOVE and the second is just as cute and...on SALE. 

Eberjay is another amazing brand and is a bit better price point then Maison. Cute, comfy and each piece has a bit of sweet/sexy detail that is appropriate for girls' weekends or a weekend at home.

So, when you wake up and don't feel too much after effect from the wine, cocktails and late night snacks and shenanigans, a good walk is a great idea! And we all love some cute workout wear. I know Lululemon is everywhere and can feel a bit saturated but I just got these pants below from my hubs for Mother's Day and I LOVE them. Seriously, what designers are doing these days with workout pants is amazing. They're cute and fresh but at the same time gives you a little edge/sex appeal. See what I'm vibe-ing below.

The next topic is endless. Truly. What to wear out with your gals. It can range from literally what you've been wearing all day (depends on the cocktail count come 5:00) or it can be something fun and flirty (just for your gals of course! ;)). Since the list can go on, I thought I'd just tag some of the recent items I've either purchased or have on my "wish list" for coming attractions.

That's what I've got for enjoy your time with your gals whether a weekend away or a quick lunch on a Monday - just make it fun and make it count! See you soon! xo

Dear Santa...

Here we the happiest but craziest time of year. In the midst of holiday shopping, class parties, cookie decorating, and eating (and drinking!) everything in sight, we can't forget about...ourselves! So, I thought why not put together a fashion wish list?? I took a few things from my closet necessities list (something I use with my detox clients) and added a few fun items as well. Keep in mind...this is a great list to send on to the special someone in your life (who may be at a loss for ideas of what to get ya!) Just click on pic for direct link!

1. Slippers! These are a necessity for everyone in the family...but especially us Moms. I know I'm up before most in my household, making coffee and lunches and I can't live without these gems. They make the start to your day a little less startling. I recommend either Ugg - they come in many cute styles and colors or J.Crew - style concious and cozy...and a little lighter on the pocket book. 


2. The puffer vest - this is an absolute staple for anyone - man, woman, child. There are so many cute options out there. My fave is a classic Patagonia or North Face but almost all major brands carry a style...Gap, J. Crew, Old Navy, Burberry, James Perse, Lululemon...the list goes on.


3. Brooke Hill Jewelry- I recently feel in love with this local OC jeweler when looking for a birthday present for a friend. I loved her simplicity and every day wear-ability of her pieces. They are simple yet eye-catching. Sold at local boutique Hidden Jewel or at her Etsy shop, these would be a great stocking stuffer for you, a sister, a sister in law, mom or a sweet treat for your bestie!

4. The most delicious scent come Fall and Winter - Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir . I know scents are different for everyone however, every time I wear this, I am ALWAYS complimented on it! It's clean and subtle but also sexy. It's such a perfect gift! 


5. Chaser brand cozy sweatshirts - these are live in/never take off worthy. I absolutely love mine and I wear it so much, people may begin to wonder if I have any other clothes. They come in different colors and some have fun little sayings on them and are so deliciously soft. They may not be the "sexiest" piece of clothing you own but just throw some of that Jo Malone on under that cozy and all will be forgiven.

6. For that always much needed time away - the cutest weekender from Humble Hilo. I'm totally in love with these bags and their Guatamalen textiles! And the absolute best part of buying these bags is that you, the consumer, gets  to choose where a portion of the proceeds go. Whether, it be to support projects in child nutrition, education and literacy for women, or microfinance loans for women to start their own small business in Guatemala, you can help break the cycle of poverty and help create opportunities for many. Any choice you make is a good one--these bags are a no-brainer.

7. Lastly...the J.Crew boyfriend flannel. These are a staple in any wardrobe and truly should be considered a neutral. They go with so much--can be thrown on with a pair of jeans for the crazy running around errand days or with a cute leather mini and a pair of bright tights for a night on the town. You simply can't go wrong with these.


So, there you have it! Happy shopping and as always...please let me know if I can be of any help!!